–  Selected for 25 years of International Conference on Supercomputing. An Overview of    the PTRAN Analysis System for Multiprocessing. Fran Allen, Michael Burke, Philippe Charles, Ron Cytron, Jeanne Ferrante. August 2014.

–  ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award, June 2008.

–  ACM Distinguished Scientist, November 2007.

– ACM SIGPLAN selection of 50 papers from 20 years of PLDI (1979-1999), based on impact and technical excellence, included: Michael Burke and Ron Cytron.    Interprocedural Analysis and Parallelization. Retrospective and original 1986 paper.        20 Years of the ACM SIGPLAN Conference on PLDI, 1979-1999, A Selection. SIGPLAN Notices,  April 2004.

–  IBM Research Science Accomplishment for Stack Allocation and Synchronization Elimination for Java Using Escape Analysis, 2008.

–  IBM Invention Achievement Award, Second Plateau, September 2007.

–  IBM Research Division Technical Group Award, alphaWorks Emerging  Technologies       Toolkit Release of the XML Enhancements for Java (XJ) Programming Language,  December 2005.

–  IBM Research Division Award, For Contributions to Gemstone Fortran Development,   November 1993.

– Janet Fabri Award for an Outstanding Thesis in Computer Science, NYU, 1983.

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